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Mechial E. White, Jr., is The Groovematist. Ever since Mechial can remember, he has had grooves in his head. Constantly humming, he would bang out the beats in his head on his school desk and thought pencils were better suited as drumsticks, rather than writing utensils. His attraction to keyboards became evident at church, when Mechial often wandered off to a stray piano to practice playing. Whenever he turned up missing after church service, his mother was sure to find him at the nearest piano.
By junior high school, he also started DJing, which contributed to Mechial's appreciation of music. In turn, he grew more intrigued with the effect that music had on people. He also got his first taste of performance in the band, Maday. But at the age of 15, his life would change forever. Mechial moved in with his cousin and uncle who owned a vast record collection in addition to a massive component stereo system. This is when Mechial began to explore all different types of music: jazz, soul, R&B, funk, and rock. He was heavily influenced by artists like André Crouch, Minnie Ripperton, Prince, Michael Jackson, Jackie Wilson, James Brown, Sam Cooke, Elvis, and The Time.
He began working in a local music store after witnessing someone programming in the keyboard room and was mesmorized. At the age of 18, Mechial bought his first sequencer and The Groovematist was born. Piece by piece, he began assembling his own studio and his wealth of knowledge about music programming, becoming a certified consultant for sequencer manufacturers Roland, Korg, Yamaha and Ensoniq.
Mechial began assembling his first album, Grooveology, from his library of tunes. At the same time, he had continued DJing, now with an international reputation for his mix of obscure old and new material, occasionally slipping in his own compositions to gauge crowd reactions. By the year 2007, Mechial had the world wondering what took them so long to get their groove on with The Groovematist with his debut album, Grooveology. Similar to his DJing style, Grooveology blurs the lines of musical genres which seamlessly transition into one another. Lovers of jazz, R&B and neo-soul learned that it was well worth "the waite."


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