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A child prodigy, Curtis Haywood moved from trumpet to saxophone at an early age. He studied at New York's High School for the Performing Arts and Boston's Berklee College. He went on to perform with New York jazz fusion group Joshua for several years before completing this self-titled debut solo in 2007. With the penetrating sound of his soprano sax, Curtis means to speak to each individual and share with them his passion for music and helping people. His skillful performances bring new life to the soulful interpretations of R&B favorites and contemporary jazz originals. Joined by sidemen Mel Holder, Jeff Mironoff, John Smith, Willie Brown, Fred Lamour, Paul Griffith, Nyles Webster, Johnny Mercer, Loris Holland, and Artie Reynolds, the voice and passion of Curtis Haywood is clearly heard throughout each track on his new album.  
Curtis Haywood presents his debut CD, where his skillful performances and soulful interpretations bring new life to R&B favorites, coupled with fresh contemporary jazz originals.
1. Anytime 4:42 (Barnes/ Brian Mcknight)
2. Monet 3:31 (Curtis Haywood & Michael Porter - ASCAP)
3. Rain Song (A Prayer for Ethiopia) 4:57 (Curtis Haywood)
4. Missing U 4:29 (Curtis Haywood/ Mel Holder)
5. Moving West 4:05 (Curtis Haywood)
6. Creepin' 4:06 (Stevie Wonder)
7. Springtime 4:16 (Curtis Haywood)
8. Crockpot 4:33 (Paul Griffith - ASCAP, Curtis Haywood)
9. Just Friends (Sunny) 4:00 (Hebb/ Huggins/ Johnson Arranged by Musique Soulchild)
10. Heal Our Land 4:02 (Curtis Haywood)
11. Journey 3:51 (Curtis Haywood)
12. Monet (Remix) 5:09 (Curtis Haywood & Michael Porter - ASCAP)
Publishing: Curtis Haywood selections published by smoothnsaaxy music/ ASCAP with the exception of "Missing U" (Curtis Haywood Mel Holder) published by ASCAP/ SESAC.
"Crockpot" (Paul Griffith ASCAP / Curtis Haywood ASCAP).
"Sunny" (Just Friends) Chrysalis Standards OBO Notable Music and Chrysalis Standards OBO Portable Music.
"Anytime" Universal - Songs of Polygram International Inc., Universal - Songs of Polygram OBO Brandon Barnes Music, Universal - Polygram International Publishing Inc., Universal - Polygram International Publishing OBO Cancelled Lunch Music, and Universal - Polygram International Publishing OBO Let's Have Lunch Music
"Creepin" Johanan Vigoda Admin.Acc't. Stevie Wonder Catalogue
Curtis Haywood: saxophones
Mel Holder: bass, drum, and synthesizer programming
Guitars: Jeff Mironoff (Monet, Moving West, Springtime), John Smith (Just Friends), Willie Brown (Rain Song)
Keys: Fred Lamour, Paul Griffith (Crockpot), Nyles Webster (marimba on Monet), Johnny Mercer (Rain Song, Moving West,
Journey, Just Friends, Heal Our Land, Creepin'), Loris Holland (Anytime)
Bass: Artie Reynolds (Rain Song, Creepin', Springtime)
Vocals: Larry & Marissa Feldman, Kenneth Harper (Journey), Thurston O'Neal (Just Friends, Creepin'), Loris Holland (Anytime)
Children's Vocals: Bryanna and Nia-Dyamond Haywood (Heal Our Land)
Engineered by Mel Holder at Friends and Family Studios, Queens, NY, USA
Mixed by Tony Predatt (Creepin', Monet Remix, Springtime), Allen Plokin (Monet, Missing U), Robert Rodriquez and Eric Cody (all other songs)
Mastered by John Palmer at Andro-Media, Lansing, MI, USA
Executive Producer: Curtis Haywood
Producer: Mel Holder
Art Direction & Design:
For Booking Information:
631 643 4359
"In order to give or receive a blessing, your mind, heart and spirit must remain open." 

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