The Return album cover
Recorded in France and Jamaica, this is the debut reggae dub album from producer and multi-instrumentalist Norrac.
1 The Return 6:26
2 North of Saturn 4:15
3 Song For Shaky 4:46
4 Revolution 4:21
5 The Nest 5:57
6 Night Train 5:18
7 The Whistler 5:28
All tracks produced, composed and arranged by Carron 'Norrac' McGibbon.
Recorded and mixed at Irie Family Studio, Orléans 45, France.
Executive Producers: Carron 'Norrac' McGibbon and Jean-Baptiste Roulet.
Drums (The Return): Romain Omaley Germerie (Recorded at Wize Studio, France).
Drums/Percussions (Night Train, North of Saturn, The Whistler): Rashaun McAnuff (Recorded at Mixing Lab, Kingston, Jamaica).
Guitars: Mathieu 'Ayato' Gaborit.
Melodica (Song for Shaky): Laurent 'Shaky Norman' Violot.
Alto/Tenor Sax: Nicholas Laraque.
Trombone/Bass: Carron 'Norrac' McGibbon.
Piano/Organs/Strings/Synthesizer: Carron 'Norrac' McGibbon.
Programming and Effects: Carron 'Norrac' McGibbon.
All songs mixed by Carron 'Norrac' McGibbon.
Mastered by John Palmer at Andro-Media.
Thanks To: The Almighty YHVH for the continued blessings and guidance bestowed upon me. I will be forever, grateful for the support and encouragement of Aurore Bruckner who has been by my side throughout this passage. Also giving thanks to Shaky, my brother Nicholas Laraque, Omaley, Mathieu 'Ayato' Gaborit, Rashaun 'Cush' McAnuff, Claudette Robinson, Fabwize, Manu Humbert, Jean-Baptiste Roulet, Julien and Julia.
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