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The Hidden Barn studio is so sonically clean that as we record, we can experience being inside each others' instruments.
We don't rehearse or use charts. Each song has a leader, and he explores until something feels right...then he pauses and says, "Record", and off we go. The other musicians have already picked up on the key, tempo, feel, and are there, totally in support of the emerging co-leaders. The leadership keeps rotating. Our approach and the room itself facilitate working in trance.
A lot of our playful experiments end up in the trash. Here are the best of the flowers that bloomed over a period of five years and three albums.

1. Walk The Garden, 4:40 from Unwrapped

2. Moonrise, 4:37 from Island Gypsy

3. Café Society, 6:23 from Island Gypsy

4. Mirror Dance, 3:47 from Unwrapped

5. Le Marais, 5:28 from Unwrapped

6. Hunk Funk, 2:25 from Unwrapped

7. Gitane, 3:31 from Caper

8. I Give My Soul, 6:02 from Caper

9. Fundament, 6:16 from Caper

10. Unchained, 3:06 from Caper

11. On The Train, 6:33 from Caper

12. Pool Sounds, 7:30 (Extra)

13. Hello Flower, 3:45 from Unwrapped

Selective Re-Engineering: Jo Go at Crystal Studios
Selective Re-Mixing and Re-Mastering: John Palmer at Andro-Media
Photography and Graphic Design: Jules Henry
Studio Architect: The Great Mickey Muennig!
Selection and Arrangement of Songs: Barklie Henry 
Cover Photograph: Leonie
Bather: Katga

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