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Saxophonist Kris Brownlee collaborates with legendary guitarist Freddie Fox and Grammy Award-winning producer Michael Broening on Brownlee's third album, entitled Sincerely Yours. Brownlee often plays multiple instruments on each album track. The accent-filled groove, "Halo" has already leaked and gotten early radio airplay, reports 91.1 FM The Globe. With a degree in music performance and psychology from Manchester College in Indiana, Kris Brownlee has played with the likes of blues artist Willie Kent, former Duke Ellington saxophonist Stephen Foster, and internationally known trombonist Jiggs Whigham. "Over the past 25 years of playing, I've been influenced by many, but none more than by saxophonist Boney James," Brownlee said.  

1 Rebound 4:58
2 Closer 5:05
3 Solstice 3:54
4 Sincerely Yours 4:14
5 Lake Shore Dr. 4:49
6 Under the Pale Moon 3:53
7 Up Front 5:16
8 Island Nights 3:55
9 Vinyl 3:52
10 Halo 3:55
11 Waiting for You (Love) 4:02
12 Your Love Is (featuring Gabriela Anders) 4:40
13 2 AM 4:33
1 Rebound, written by Kris Brownlee
2 Closer, written by Kris Brownlee/Michael Broening
3 Solstice, written by Kris Brownlee/Michael Broening
4 Sincerely Yours, written by Kris Brownlee
5 Lake Shore Dr., written by Kris Brownlee/Michael Broening
6 Under the Pale Moon, written by Kris Brownlee
7 Up Front, written by Kris Brownlee/Michael Broening
8 Island Nights, written by Kris Brownlee/Jeff Keefer
9 Vinyl, written by Kris Brownlee
10 Halo, written by Kris Brownlee
11 Waiting for You (Love), written by Kris Brownlee
12 Your Love Is, written by Kris Brownlee/Gabriela Anders
13 2 AM, written by Kris Brownlee
Kris Brownlee: All saxophones, guitars, bass, keyboards, drum programming, synth programming, horn arrangements, string arrangements, spoken words & background vocals (unless noted). Gabriela Anders: Vocals on song 12. Cindy Bradley: Flugelhorn on song 7. Michael Broening: Bass, keyboards & drum programming on songs 3 & 5; drum programming & keyboards on songs 2 & 7. Mel Brown: Bass on songs 2 & 7. Freddie Fox: Rhythm guitar on song 2; electric guitar on songs 3, 5 & 7. Jeff Keefer: Piano, bass, keyboards & drum programming on song 8. Madalyn Metzger: Background vocals on song 11. Jay Soto: Lead guitar on song 2.
Songs 2, 3, 5 & 7 produced by Michael Broening; mixed & recorded at The "B" Hive Recording Studio, Phoenix, AZ. Song 8 produced by Jeff Keefer; mixed & recorded at Keefer Music, Three Rivers, MI. All other songs produced by Kris Brownlee; mixed & recorded at Grooveside Music Productions, Bristol, IN. Mastered by John Palmer at Andro-Media.
Cindy Bradley appears courtesy of Trippin N Rhythm Records.
Photography by Bryan Chris.
Kris Brownlee exclusively uses P. Mauriat tenor saxophones & Aaron Drake tenor saxophone mouthpieces.
Special thanks to: God for all of the many blessings; Jordan Swartzendruber; Andrew Hauser; Jeff Keefer of Keefer Music; John Palmer and everyone at Megawave Records; Michael Broening (the best producer ever!); Aaron Drake of Drake Mouthpieces; Freddie Fox; Mel Brown; Jay Soto; Cindy Bradley; Gabriela Anders (your vocals are a dream come true!); all the musicians I recorded with, but didn't make the final album selection; the Brownlee family (especially Mom, Pops and Marc); the Metzger family (especially Dad, Mom and Jocelyn) and, more than she'll ever know… Madalyn.
Thanks to the fans for your continued support over the years.
Sincerely Yours,
Kris Brownlee
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