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The Joybox Express is a project designed to bring people together in unique settings to address and celebrate the importance of the arts and athletics in our lives, especially in the lives of children. The heart of the project is a custom-made pedicab, or tricycle, that holds a 352 pound acoustic piano. During the past two summers Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet pedaled the Joybox Express 300 miles across the State of Michigan. In 2009, Mr. B's maiden voyage helped raise funds for the Mott Community College Athletic Fund, The Wild Swan Theater, and more. This CD is a live recording of the Joybox Express Quartet's 2010 fundraiser, featuring Mark Braun (piano, vocals), Pete Siers (drums), Brian Delaney (guitar), and Carl Hildebrandt (bass).  
I've loved pianos and bicycles my whole life; this project is all about both of them. The quartet on this recording will ride 300 miles across the State of Michigan in July, 2010, on a 16' long , custom- made trike, built by Mark Nobilette, based on the designs of Mainstreet Pedicabs. The " Mothership" supports a trio of riders and their gear, followed separately by our bassist,, his bike, and his bass trailer. We'll be hauling the same instruments and equipment we used on this recording: a solar powered guitar amp aided by a generator hooked to our wheels, a drum kit contained in a suitcase that becomes a bass drum, and a hand decorated 352 lb. Baldwin Acrosonic acoustic piano.We are quite a sight to see when we're rolling, and I love the sounds we've brought to this album. We'll be performing along the way, in concerts and at surprise "ride-bys" for people we encounter along our route; we want to brighten our path and share good sounds as we go. A major focus of the project will be to raise money for groups we're partnering with that are involved in projects we believe in, with an emphasis on kids, and their access to programs in the arts and athletics. I've never been involved in a project that so many people have given their talents and resources to so enthusiastically, I'm beyond grateful to all of them, and thrilled to join with them in creating something uniquely beautiful and full of good purpose.
Mark Braun
Founder 2009 Mr. B's Joybox Express
This recording and all the work of this project are dedicated to the memory and the many good works of my father, Phil Braun.
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1 THE RAY 4:19 Mark Lincoln Braun
2 MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS 4:58 Henry Roland Byrd (AKA Professor Longhair)
3 HI-HEEL SNEAKERS 7:39 Robert Higgenbotham, arr. Mark Lincoln Braun
4 ONE ROOM COUNTRY SHACK 8:22 Mercy Dee Walton, arr. Mark Lincoln Braun
5 HILLBILLY HOLIDAY 4:51 Mark Lincoln Braun
6 44 BLUES TRADITIONAL 6:22 traditional, arr. Mark Lincoln Braun
8 MAKE ME A PALLET 5:29 traditional, arr. Mark Lincoln Braun
9 THE SAINTS 5:52 traditional, arr. Mark Lincoln Braun
10 (BONUS TRACK) FATHER AND SON BOOGIE 3:01 Mark Braun / Bob Seeley

Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet: Mark Braun, Mr. B piano and vocals Brian Delaney guitar Carl Hildebrandt bass Pete Siers drums

Special Guests: San Slomovits bones, track 5 Bob Seeley additional piano, track 10
Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by John Palmer • Produced by Mr. B's Joybox Express Quartet and John Palmer
Graphic Design by John Pappas • Photography by John Lilley
Recorded for a live audience in the home of Stephanie Hale and Pete Siers Ann Arbor, MI May 8, 2010 at a fundraiser for the Joybox Express Project

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