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You know you have something special when current and former members of Tower of Power, Garaj Mahal, and A-list touring and session players for Carlos Santana, Steve Winwood, Weather Report, Herbie Hancock, Sergio Mendes, Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Etta James, and Pointer Sisters join in on one project. In this debut, guitarist/ vocalist Ronnie Ray Padilla has assembled some of the finest players (Mic Gillette on trumpet and trombone, George Brooks on saxophone, Vernon "Ice" Black on guitar, Eric Levy on keyboards, Gary Brown on bass, Kenneth Nash on percussion, Celso Alberti and Billy Johnson on drums, among others) who spark a world jazz chemistry that demands repeated listening.
1. Zambula 7:39
2. Arcenio's Garden 3:16
3. Setting Birds Free 4:42
4. My Brother, My Brother 5:04
5. Angelica 6:17
6. You Are My Rainbow 4:48
7. Shakti Ma 5:01
8. Tara Nova 5:33
9. Bahian Smiles 4:23
10. Dancing In The Rain 5:24
Produced by Ronnie Ray Padilla & co-produced by Eric Levy, except 'Bahian Smiles' produced by Ronnie Ray Padilla and co-produced with Celso Alberti and Claudia Villela
Engineered by Tom Size (overdubs, mixing, mastering & co-produced guitar overdubs), Celso Aberti (tracking and overdubs), Brad Bellkamp (tracking and overdubs), Alan Hertz (editing and overdubs), Doyal Johnson (overdubs), Ronnie Ray Padilla (overdubs), Will Evankovich (vocal overdubs & production on 'You Are My Rainbow')
Recorded at A&D Studios, East Bay, California USA
Additional recording, mixing and mastering at Tomland Studios, Concord, California USA
All music composed and arranged by Ronnie Ray Padilla (ASCAP)
Additional arrangements co-arranged with Eric Levy: Shakti Ma, Angelica, Dancing In The Rain, and Tara Nova
Horn arrangements co-arranged with Mic Gillette for: Zambula and My Brother, My Brother
Mic Gillette appears courtesy of Tower of Power
Original painting by John Garcia
Cover photography by Eostar Kamala (front) and Don Cardoza (rear)
Layout by John Palmer
Eric Levy - keyboards
Mic Gillette - trumpet, trombone
George Brooks - alto, tenor & baritone saxophones
Danjuma Adamo - electric guitar (right side rhythm)
Amber Hindz and Andrea Vecchione - vocals
Ronnie Ray Padilla - electric guitar (rhythm & solos), vocals
Kai Eckhardt - bass
Billy 'Shoes' Johnson - drums
Razaki Aladokun - percussion & talking drum
Fareed Haque - acoustic (dragonfly riffs) & electric guitars
Ronnie Ray Padilla - acoustic guitar
Kenneth Nash - percussion & sounds
Gary Brown - acoustic bass
Eric Levy, keyboards
Kenneth Nash - percussion
Ronnie Ray Padilla - vocals, guitars
Kai Eckhardt - bass
Billy Johnson - drums
Paul Hanson - bassoon
Eric Levy - keyboards
Mic Gillette - trumpet, trombone
George Brooks - alto & tenor sax
Ronnie Ray Padilla - acoustic & electric guitars, flute & alto flute & vocals
Kenneth Nash - percussion
Kia Eckhardt - bass
Billy Johnson - drums
Amber Hindz & Andrea Vecchione - vocals
Eric Levy - keyboards
Ronnie Ray Padilla - guitar
George Brooks - soprano sax
Kennnth Nash - percussion
Kai Eckhardt - bass
Billy Johnson - drums
Eric Levy - keyboards
Vernon 'Ice' Black - rhythm guitar
Kenneth Nash - percussion
Ronnie Ray Padilla - vocals, guitar
Kia Eckhardt - bass
Billy Johnson - drums
Anita Joseph - lyrics
Eric Levy - keyboards
Ronnie Ray Padilla - electric guitar, oud, temple cymbals, vocals
Kai Eckhardt - bass
Kenneth Nash - percussion (bongos, congas)
Marquinio Brazil - percussion (dumbek, bells, colour sounds)
Solar Nader - tabla drums
Billy Johnson - drums
Eric Levy - keyboards
Julia Freshwater - vocals
Ronnie Ray Padilla - acoustic & electric guitars, vocals, Native American flute, and human cricket sounds
Marquinio Brazil - percussion
Kai Eckhardt - bass
Billy Johnson - drums
Claudia Villela - vocals
Frank Martin - Keyboards
Ronnie Ray Padilla - acoustic & electric guitars
Gary Brown - bass
Celso Alberti- drums, percussion & drum programming
Eric Levy - keyboards
Frank Martin - keyboard & synthisizer solo
Mic Gillette - piccolo trumpet
George Brooks - tenor sax
Celso Alberti - percussion
Caroluna Michealson - voice
Ronnie Ray Padilla - guitar
Kai Eckhardt - bass
Billy Johnson - drums
A special thank you to my late parents and brother, Arcenio (Archie), Dora Padilla and Archie Jr., who always encouraged me to compose and play music; my new self-adoped parents 'Ammachi' (Sudhamani) and Dali Lama; the Tineh (Navajo) tribal leaders and Grandmothers at Big Mountain, Arizona, Apache tribal leaders at White Mountain, Colorado, and the Mescalero Apache Grandmothers in New Mexico.
A big thank you to Kai Eckhardt, for 'getting the ball rolling', great afro-euro bass grooves, and for bringing Eric Levy into the project, Eric's attention to detail, ease to work with, input, and brilliant playing; to long time friend, Kenneth Nash, for the many prayers, constant encouragement for well over 20 years, and of his 'Gogan' (Gauguin) percussion/sound painting; to Tom Size for 'making it right' in all those many big and tiny ways, a true honor; Thomas Richard and Judy Joiner (Sea of Chi.com) for being there as family and beyond; to Aaron Stone for connecting me to John Palmer and Pat Matheny; to my beloved Vanessa Lamb, who lovingly pushed and inspired me to the finish; to my Divine Creator… each breath, each heartbeat, and every vibration we see, feel, and hear…in all of that which flows through This river of life…and especially to all these World Class musicians, and their passionate postitve attitudes, ready to take it to the world. It's been my intent to melt apathy globally, with these sounds and more.
Blessings, Ronnie Ray Padilla (Skreeching Hawk)

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