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Bahamian recording artist Ya Tafari is an award-winning composer and performer of jazz, Latin, and Caribbean music. As a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist with a fan base stretching from Freeport Bahamas to Detroit, Ya Tafari has had a long tradition in presenting in his music a broad range of tropical, Latin, and reggae influences heard in the Caribbean yesterday and today. In this set of timeless originals, his lyrics evoke spirituality, love, devotion, passion, playfulness, and celebration perfect for getting in the winter vacation mood, recalling memories of that favorite Caribbean cruise, or providing a taste of island life. Whether at one of his frequent live shows or in this studio effort, Ya Tafari effortlessly transitions between different rhythms and channels the kind of energy and passion direct from the tropics sure to keep the listener engaged and ready to dance.
1. Reggae Mon 5:03
2. I Wonder 4:46
3. Lady By The Sea 5:19
4. Brazilian Butterflies 4:50
5. Beautiful Bahamas 5:13
6. Banana Mon 4:25
7. Red And Yellow Parrot 7:08
8. Some Guy 4:57
9. Breezin' In The Sun 4:58
10. Leo Lady In The Sun 5:06
11. De Sweet Coconut 4:35
12. Sweet Cane Jane 7:27
All song written and performed by Yaqob Tafari Makuannen
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by John Palmer at Andro-Media®

1. Reggae Mon Reggae is an island African rhythm that sends you on a dance moving frenzy, very "down" or uplifting, depending on the song, or what it's talking about - happy or sad. But the music is always moving. I took the Reggae to a happy level where a Reggae man comes home to his world of friends - his love, his life. Reggae Mon. All you Reggae men, go home. Peace and Love.

2. I Wonder I always wondered about Love. When someone say, "I love you," I wondered who else they loved. Was I the only one? But I found out that only God is Love. We just say it. GOD IS LOVE. Now I (YaTafari) don't have to wonder anymore. God gave me Love.
3. Lady by the Sea I am a dreamer. I dream of a beautiful lady walking by the seashore, honey brown, and lovely. She was kicking the sand and singing. I like to dream when I write. So dream with me. Let's go by the sea. Let the waves and the wind take you away.
4. Brazilian Butterfly "Brazilian Butterfly. Ah! Brazil. There are colors in the sky. Powdered wings, mystic eyes Floating softly on a cloud. Singing love songs to the crowd. They can fly and they sing. Brilliant colors on their wings. Lots of sweet love for us all. Quiet spirits they are called. Brazilian Butterflies..." De sambas and de bossa's... What a lively music - so happy, so serene, so complete. Just listen and you'll be there. I was listening to Joao Gilberto when he took me there. And I've stayed with the Brazilian sound ever since. Love Brazil.
5. Beautiful Bahamas Bahamas, my first love. The blue seas, blue skies, blue marlin, the blue in the flag. With all of my heart I sing to you. The Bahamas is my connected home where my heart is. I was in Nassau and heard JunkAnoo and Calypso. All of the island seems to dance when the JunkAnoo sounds are being played. It truly is festive music. This joyous music is a kaleidoscope of sound and color. The rhythmic sounds of cowbells, goat skin drums, and whistles, accompanied by an array of brass instruments, create a sweet musical beat that rhythms will move you. The JunkAnoo rhythms of the 700 islands of the Bahamas are as exciting as taking a trip there. Everyone - children of all ages - should experience the uplifting gala highlife of this culture.
6. Banana Mon Bananas! Bananas for sale in the market. Eating, dancing, singing, buying, that's what "Banana Man" is all about. Come get your bananas.
7. Red and Yellow Parrot One may see a woman he really loves and he doesn't know why she thrills him. Well, this story is about a man seeing a woman down by the sea. Every day he watches and waits, hoping she's not married so that he may have a chance to talk with her. So he asks a parrot to find out if she is married. He knows not to mess with a married woman. So he waits for an answer.
8. Some Guy When a woman cries, it's usually because of a man. Some guy hurts her. But here comes another a friend. He is concerned for her and cheers her up. So, don't let hurt keep you hurting. Enjoy people all the time. Some will hurt. Some will love.
9. Breezin ' in the Sun A place in the sun - that's where we all want to go and get away. So listen and go there. I go there all the time through music. I'll meet you there.
10. Leo Lady In The Sun My Leo Lady is my lovely, honey-brown wife. Girl, I sing to you. - Your husband, Ya.
11. de Sweet Coconut When God made the coconut, he must have thought of me. Anything made of coconut is a treat for me - coconut pie, cake, candy, cookies, ice cream, coconut gravy, coconut milk, coconut shrimp. . .
12. Sweet Cane Jane This is only a wishful song. I wrote this thinking of my wife-to-be. Listen to every word.
I thank GOD for His love, His Spirit, and the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding he gave me to compose music and art.
I thank GOD for guiding me towards people like my wife, Ineala, who is very inspirational, caring, romantic, and fun to be with.
I thank my parents -- my Mom, Bessie, and my late Dad, Joseph. They let my brothers and me play music, and bought us the guitars and other musical instruments. I guess I am a "chip off the old block" because my Dad was a great piano player. He was also a preacher and pastor. So he taught us well.
I have five brothers and one sister. My oldest brother, Michael, was a musician. He is deceased. I am the second oldest. I changed the names of my other brothers. Raymond, I named Yosef. Ronald, I named Asfa. Dwayne is Dawit. My dear sister is Sharon. I thank them for their love and obedience.
My children are Zipporah, Angela, Stephen a.k.a. Hashim, Seyon, Makeda, Kandíce, Rohema, Nicky, and Avery. (I almost ran out of ink.) And my "other daughters," Ona and Marlena. God bless them all.
I especially want to acknowledge MEGAWAVE Records and thank John Palmer for his sharp insight for music, and his caring. All is well, John. GOD bless you.
And I thank every one who listens, buys, and appreciates the Caribbean and Latin sound of music.
Peace and Love &endash; YaTafari

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