The One World Festival DVD cover
MEGAWAVE Records MEGW 0266
Mixing Flamenco, Middle Eastern, Spanish and Western motifs, Moodafaruka creates a tapestry of sound that is both familiar and new.  In 1999, guitarist Rom Ryan, already with two successful solo releases, began collaborating with different artists. Thus began the World Fusion group Moodafaruka. They have released five CDs to rave reviews, have radio play around the globe, and thousands in sales:  La Luna Lounge in 1999, Zazu in 2001, Blame It On The Moon in 2004, and Essential Moodafaruka and Who R U in 2008.  Along the way, Rom expanded his musical collaborations with dance and founded the One World Festival. This DVD captures some of the performances of the 2008 One World Festival.
"We are one world, stewards of this planet for a short time; we should all find a way to get along together."
1. Behold the Fire, Rom Ryan
2. Tap performance by Al Lowe, with Urban Gypsy, and Adam Carman
3. Moroccan Hat Dance, Moodafaruka and Urban Gypsy
4. Akurafadoom, Moodafaruka and Urban Gypsy
5. Shadow and Light, Moodafaruka and Sahira
6. The Hidden Veil, Moodafaruka and Urban Gypsy
7. Hey, Moodafaruka
8. Tap performance by Al Lowe, with Arlandus Chimney
9. One World, Moodafaruka
10. Orpheus Rising, Moodafaruka and Luna Tango
11. Heaven In Your Eyes, Moodafaruka
12. They Shine, Moodafaruka
13. Closing Credits: She Moves the Way She Feels, Moodafaruka and Friends
Moodafaruka: Rom Ryan, Katja Grimm, Mary Anne Willis, Sahira, Erin Foster-Ghanem,
Carlos Lopez, Arlandus Chimney, Osama Raad , and Adam Carman
Al Lowe Tap Dancer
Urban Gypsy: Sahira, Silva Salamanca, and Amiya
Luna Tango: Hector Lopez and Susana Collins
Concert Film & DVD: An Andro-Media Production
Directed & Produced by John Palmer
Executive Producer: Rom Ryan
Camera Operators: John Palmer, André Holland, Preston Swigart
Live Sound by Brent Champagne
Lighting by Jerry Lynch
Editing, Post-Production, and DVD Authoring by John Palmer at Andro-Media

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