Sending U a Message

Family Unit







MEGAWAVE Records MEGW 0142


Sending U a Message is an EP from Family Unit, now available on the MEGAWAVE label. This 6-song EP is a sampling of hip-hop/R&B cuts and re-mixes from a forthcoming album by Family Unit's Rachel Martin and Kapp Ivory, with several special guests.

Kapp and Rachel met in Detroit in 1989 not long after Kapp came back from touring with The Winans and Rachel was still doing track dates with Kiara, an Arista recording artist. Kapp and Rachel started recording in various studios around the city trying to develop their own unique sound, but then decided to establish their own studio for greater consistency and accessibility.

In the early 1990's, Rachel topped the state and performed on Star Search with Ed McMahon, where she reached the semi-finals. In the meantime, Kapp was working with people like Motown writer Barrett Strong and Parliament/ Funkadelic founding member Calvin Simon, both Rock & Roll Hall of Famers. They also teamed with a Detroit radio station personality and created the theme song for the Detroit Pistons at the time of their N.B.A. championship. They then collaborated with legendary techno-house DJ Kevin Saunderson, from Virgin Records recording artist Inner City, on The Reese Project. The first single Direct Me (Giant Records/Warner), featuring Rachel, went #1 for six weeks on the U.K. Billboard charts. The second single, Colour of Love (Giant Records/Warner), also featuring Rachel, went #3 for four weeks on the U.K. charts, as the full CD Faith, Hope & Clarity (Giant Records/Warner) was released.

During the later 1990's, Kapp and Rachel produced and collaborated with a number of artists, including R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Gospel, Rap, Classical, and Country. In 1999, Kapp teamed with Kern Brantley from Crazy Joint (Bad Boy Records) and produced Light House for the gospel choir New Direction on Word Records/Sony. Family Unit was formed later that year, developing a strong local Detroit following and a library of unreleased studio recordings.



Family Unit is:

Rachel Martin


Kapp Ivory

Keyboards, Vocals

Special Guest Artists:

U Turn Me On
Kern Brantley, bass
Mad Kap, rap
Don't Wanna Do Right
Quintin Baxter, guitar
Fun Day
Boo Whoo, rap
Words and Music by:
Sheldon & Rachel Martin
Arrangements by:
Rachel Martin
All Music Published by:
Miljen Publishing (BMI)
Produced by:
Kapp Ivory for Ivory Towers Productions
Recorded at Kaplab Studio
Engineered by:
Steve Smith & Kapp Ivory
Mastered by:
John Palmer
Photography by:


1. U Turn Me On 4:18

2. Love U All Over 4:29

3. Sending U a Message 3:26

4. Keep It Right There 3:41

5. Don't Wanna Do Right 3:39

6. Fun Day 4:48





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