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MEGAWAVE Records MEGW 0012

Nuthin' Fancy's debut on the new MEGAWAVE label is a classic example of Detroit rock. Nuthin' Fancy® first formed in 1989, performing in the Ann Arbor Area.

The band members' different musical influences are reflected in the unique styles of their original songs. Jim Schoolcraft, Ray Bailey, and Tom Scherer each contribute to the composition of each song, with Jim Schoolcraft and Tom Scherer being the primary vocalists.

Jim Schoolcraft sings primary vocals and plays lead and rhythm electric guitars. Make no mistake about the power and control of his lead's easy for his intensity to stop you in mid-thought, while you follow to see where he's going. His rhythm-lead playing style is carried over from his live performances and expanded in this studio effort. Ray Bailey plays electric bass and sings backup vocals, previously performing with many other Michigan bands, including Silent Radio®, also on the MEGAWAVE label. Ray doesn't hold back in a song for very long, as his nimble style provides an active force from the bottom octaves to the top. Tom Scherer plays drums and keyboards and sings vocals. Playing drums since grade school, Tom has fused many playing styles into one - his own. By playing point and counterpoint throughout, he weaves a rhythmic fabric on which the group springs forward.

Together, Nuthin' Fancy® sounds bigger than a three-piece rock group, whether listening at low volumes or loud. The members of Nuthin' Fancy® also perform as Fancy That, adding more keyboards for a pop rock sound.

For booking, please contact Nuthin' Fancy® at 734-663-5524.

Nuthin' Fancy is:

Jim Schoolcraft

Guitars, Vocals

Ray Bailey

Electric Bass, Vocals

Tom Scherer

Drums, Keyboards, Vocals

Recorded at Megawave Studio One by Andro-Media Productions
Static Cling Recorded by Paul Keefner at Dat Cave
Engineered and Produced by John Palmer
Co-Produced by Nuthin' Fancy
Mastered by Jeffrey Campo at Soweto Productions


Original Art by Thomas A. Russell
Photograph, Graphic Design, and Layout by John Palmer


All Songs Written by Jim Schoolcraft, Ray Bailey, and Tom Scherer
All Selections Published by Elkridge Music Publishing (ASCAP)
Except Ocean Rain Published by Spacewave Music Publishing (ASCAP)


1. Tear Drops (4:34)
2. Problem Child (3:07)
3. The Time Is Now (4:20)
4. Gone Highway (3:59)
5. Pay Some Dues (4:06)
6. Static Cling (3:01)
7. Night Blues (4:26)
8. Organized Confusion (2:44)
9. Only Alone (4:17)
10. Rolling (4:23)
11. Ocean Rain (2:11)

Also Available On Cassette (MEGW 0014)




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