Michael Bandac & Mourning Glory
Born Free Records BF0082
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Michal Bandac & Mourning Glory combine an international line-up with an eclectic range of influences in this rock debut, Salon Songs and Monte Carlo Music, a double album because, as Bandac says, "We wanted to kind of separate all of the heavy songs from the more earthy, violin/glockenspiel/ukelele/acoustic guitar-based tracks, in this way, our beautiful fans are never forced to 'leave' us."
1. Star (M. Bandac), 2:56
all instruments Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Marc Neuber, Naomi Keats, Lisanne Maibücher
2. Angel (M. Bandac), 4:07
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional percussion: Falco Kurtz
3. The Headless Horseman (M. Bandac/J. Strottmann/A. Engel), 2:29
all instruments Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Rick Wyrick, Marc Neuber,
Naomi Keats, Joost H. Walter, Elke Wagner - violins: Anja Büttner,
Stefan Groschopp, Matt Andrews
4. On The Radio (M. Bandac), 4:00
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Jost H. Walter, Lisa Gerbe
5. Step Into The Sun (M. Bandac), 2:44
all instruments: Michal Bandac
6. Shame On You (M. Bandac), 3:33
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Naomi Keats, Jost H. Walter, Julia Gümpel
7. These Laws Must Change (M. Bandac), 3:05
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Joost H. Walter
8. Sister Sister (M. Bandac), 4:14
all instruments: Michal Bandac - drum loop: Timo Henkel - additional vocals: Lisanne Maibücher,
Eva Bible - bass guitar: Steffen Wutzke - ukulele: George Oderkerk
1. Butterfly Tree (M. Bandac), 3:18
all instruments: Michal Bandac- violins: Anja Büttner, Stefan Groschopp
ukulele: George Oderkerk - additional vocals: Jost H. Walter
2. Fixing To Die (M. Bandac/E. Bibel), 2:51
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Rick Wyrick, Julia Gümpel
violins: Anja Büttner, Stefan Groschopp, Matt Andrews - ukulele: George Oderkerk
3. Cry To Your Mama (M. Bandac), 3:31
all instruments: Michal Bandac
4. Promises, Promises (M. Bandac), 2:54
all instruments: Michal Bandac - violins: Anja Büttner, Stefan Groschopp, Matt Andrews
ukulele: George Oderkerk
5. Into Blue (M. Bandac), 2:46
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Julia Gümpel
violins: Anja Büttner, Stefan Groschopp, Matt Andrews
6. Righteous (M. Bandac), 1:57
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: David Adekayode
7. Fireflies (M. Bandac/G. Oderkerk), 2:29
all instruments: Michal Bandac - additional vocals: Julia Gümpel, Marie Wenske
ukulele: George Oderkerk - violins: Anja Büttner, Stefan Groschopp
Engineered at UP3, Marburg by George Oderkerk.
Produced by Michal Bandac & George Oderkerk.
Executive Producer Julia Gümpel.
Mastered by John Palmer at Andro-Media.
All Songs © Michal Bandac 2013 SOCAN
Thank You:
* San Diego: the Papada family, the Bandak family, the Hugins family * San Francisco: Mia Edwards, All You Knead, the Cushing family, the del Nagro family * Ojai: Mama Marsha and beautiful Iggy, Jason MacKay, Laurinda McClennahan, Samantha McRanie, Marcus Hollingsworth, Sunny & Robby Erickson, Steve Barlowe, the Riggle family, Alison & Victor Ellsworth * Los Angeles: Calab Quinn, Guido & Pablo Bryant, David Fraioli, Maitreya, Anthony and Violet Rich and the entire Friedman/Rich families * New York: Monty McKeever & Rebecca Cousins and the entire McKeever family, Patrick Goultieri, Christine Baranay * Toronto: the Collingham & Jennings families, Yvonne Teachman, Hollie Major, Colleen Farrell, the McAllister familiy, the Bovine Sex Club, Tara Slone, Tony Rabalao, Brett Zilahi, Matt DeMatteo, the Anishinaabe First Nation Centre, Tera O'Neil, j.englishman, Rob Sanzo * Lübeck: Lisanne Maibücher, Roxi & Dirk Kettenbeil, Mac Thomás, Lotte and everyone @the TheaterFigurenMuseum, Mareike and everyone at her beautiful home * Berlin: Christian Schulze-Wenning, André Störiko, Ela Lugosi, Scarlet O'Honey and everyone @ RnR Bar Berlin, Laszlo and everyone @ Wiener Blut Berlin, Kathrin Schmidt and Toby for love and directions, Hühnerhaus, Judith Elisa Roth * Frankfurt: Lukas Rimbach and his wonderful girlfriend for sharing his time with me, Lisa Hillenbrand, Daniel Wenske and Kristina Schneider * Cologne: Mamadee, without whom none of this would have even been possible, Born Free, Michi & Sinja, the von der Eltz family, the von Fuerstenberg family, Sarah Coleman, Senator Plus, David Schneider, Sascha & Tessa Ladendorff and beautiful little Eloise, Elke & Phillip Rossini and their unbelievable mother Christine Rossini, Connie Ende * Mittelhessen: the Wenske family, the Wutzke family, Rick Wyrick & Elke Wagner, Andy & Kathrin Fey for ever and ever, Connie Scheele, Robert & Florence Oberbeck, The General Store, Timo Henkel, Jotti Pütz & RagATag, Falco Kurtz & everyone @ Auflauf/Szenario, Thomas, Melanie, Lynn, and Tim Glässner, Herr Hoffmann @ Mediamarkt Marburg, Hinkelstein, Sudhaus, Schlucke, Anna Bubert, the Flëing family, Wiebke Hahn & her beautiful family, Johannes Kimbstedt & Lynn Fischer, the Puts family (what money??), Barney, Roger the Beekeeper and their beautiful garden worth a thousand songs, Anja & Olli * Flanders: Gheert Hoste & Veronique Puts, Jack Daniel & the Hangovers, the entire staff of Kids, Gwen & Boomer * France: Anne-Sophie Boulard, Laurence Franqueville, Nicolette & Koos, the towns of St. Victurnien & St. Junien * München: Sam Bittner & everyone @ SONY * Hamburg: Benjamin Voss, Ben Spielbauer, Siobhan Pathe, the Ladendorff family, Sieglinde Tippmann * Vienna Hannah Heimbach, Robert & his crew for absolute hospitality * Netherlands: the Oderkerk family, Amber Mitchell, the deMunnik family, Bart Landstra, Taseo & Stella * Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington D.C.: my grandmother Evelyn Ullman, my aunt Eloise Ullman, my mother Patricia Ullman-Hayward & the wonderful Jeremy Hayward, my sister Anna Purna, my aunt Ruth in Barryville, Captain Rudolph Anderson * Abu Dhabi/Dubai: my father Sami Bandak & his beautiful wife Maja Eckemeyer and their beautiful children Leah, Lucy and Daniel, Luigi Romanelli & his crew
Monte Carlo Music is for Michal Jennings
Salon Songs is for Julia Strottmann, Sergio & Louie
Transportation: Lisa Hillenbrand
Acoustic guitars provided by Rick Wyrick
Drums provided by Timo Henkel
Basses provided by Steffen Wutzke and Fee Mietz
This album was recorded with HiWatt and Sovtek amplifiers, D'Addario strings, Pearl Drums,
Cubase & Native Instruments, Gibson Les Paul, Fender and Framus guitars, and two-inch tape
This entire double album was recorded in loving memory of:
Michal Friedman
Tim King
Wolf Steinmeyer
Martin Streek
Adam Yauch
Wilhem Bartz & Herta Wiechmann
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