Kulcha Shok Muzik KSM0012
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This is the first in a series of compilations called 'Reggae Kulcha' from Kulcha Shok Muzik, featuring Jahfe, Innasense, Rootz Underground, Bobby Hustle, First Hit, House of David Gang, I Nesta, Natty Remo, Hor!zen, Predator Dub Assassins, Arise Roots, and Barry & The Penetrators. All tracks are hand picked by longtime radio, TV presenter & artistic DJ Lance-O, founder of Kulcha Shok Muzik to take reggae to the next level.
1. Miami Vice 3:45
2. Another Man 4:32
3. Rain 3:28
4. Break Bread 3:45
5. Peace Of Mind 3:31
6. Good To Be Loved 3:35
7. Ella Busca 3:18
8. It Is Alright 3:43
9. Youths Dem Ball 4:51
10. Come Back Down 3:14
11. Hit The Ground Running 3:55
12. Reggae Party 4:16
1. 'Miami Vice' Jahfe/E. Fortune, S. Samon/Jahfe Music Group (ASCAP)
2. 'Another Man' Innasense (J. Carr/V. Chang/Nuff Ispect Publ.)
3. 'Rain' Rootz Underground featuring Sherita Lewis (S. Newland, C. Lazarus, J. Moss Solomon, C. Young, L. Campbell, P. Smith/Riverstone Records Ltd./BMI)
4. 'Break Bread' Bobby Hustle (R.D. Spenser/L. O'Brien/E. Matta/Dynasty Family Music(BMI)/When It Hits Music(ASCAP)/Warner Chappell
5. 'Peace Of Mind' First Hit (B. Johnson/D. Borer/First Hit/When It Hits Music (ASCAP)
6. 'Good To Be Loved' House Of David Gang (D. Anderson/J. Cleary/C. Edwards/M. Kipp/House of David Music/SOCAN)
7. 'Ella Busca' I Nesta feat. Muoses (J. E. Apolayo/M. J. Marsh/A. P. Romero)
8. 'It Is Alright' Natty Remo (B. Bailey/L. O'Brien/E. Matta/Nattrem Music(BMI)/When It Hits Music(ASCAP)/Warner Chappell
9. 'Youths Dem Ball' Hor!zen (Z. Wolfgramm/N. Wolfgramm/Hor!zen LLC)
10. 'Come Back Down' Predator Dub Assassins (T. Boyce/BMI)
11. 'Hit The Ground Running' Arise Roots (K. Bailey, R. Montoya, T. Johnson, R. Sotelo, R. Covarrubias/ASCAP)
12. 'Reggae Party' Barry & The Penetrators (B. Petersen/C. Schafer/M. Sisom Superpenetrator Publ.)
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